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A Framework for Creating Amazing Looking Applications

FancyPants is the next generation high performance multimedia and graphics framework for embedded applications. Comprising a powerful SDK to simplify the development of rich user interfaces, and an optimised runtime environment, for maximum performance, FancyPants is used by innovative creators of consumer, commercial and industrial devices.

With multiple points of abstraction, together with a plugin architecture for media, display subsystems and hardware graphics capabilities, code is portable and can automatically take advantage of new hardware, media types and codecs.


Multi Media

The ability to incorporate video into any part of the user interface, be it the wallpaper, a button or any area on-screen, is a driver for content and a major device selling point.

Two uses of this are Video Thumbs & Video Buttons. Have the thumbnails of videos playing the video at thumbnail size, and turn a video into a button.

Personalisation and Branding

FancyPants' unique user interface personality technology benefits OEMs and solution providers by giving them the ability to build a family of products, with completely different user interfaces, from a single application code base.

Efficiency and Reduced BOM

With its ruthless runtime efficiency, FancyPants helps reduce BOM costs while its high level Object Oriented API speeds development time and hence time to market.

Cross Platform

FancyPants is designed to be cross platform, running on a variety of operating systems and a range of hardware. FancyPants' sophisticated plugin architecture means the same code will work on the desktop, and the device, and will be able to utilise the available hardware.

JavaScript Support

JavaScript is now available for the powerful FancyPants GUI framework bringing to market a Hybrid HTML5 / Native development environment. Using FancyPants / JavaScript, developers can easily create rich media-centric applications for consumer electronics using the familiar JavaScript scripting language, cutting development time.
Find out more at javascript.html